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Healing Hearts Webinar: a Modern Approach to Grief & Trauma Release to Find Peace in Your Present

On this free-75 minute webinar we’re going to review

  • Why all the tools you’ve been trying don’t result in relief that sticks and why you only get short term relief
  • The downside and limitations of cognitive tools such as CBT, affirmations and mental reframing when you’re healing from grief and trauma on the family-building journey (and why I don’t teach them anymore)
  • The damage we do by discounting ongoing trauma on the parenting journey and what ever parent who had a child with medical complications needs to know
  • Physical changes in your body that happened after loss and trauma that are making it impossible for you to experience lasting peace
  • Why achieving body safety must come before grief, trauma, anxiety and stress release and how to do it without retriggering or retraumatizing yourself
  • The physiological changes that happen with grief and trauma release that improve physical and mental health and wellbeing

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